Copyright and DRM

Copyright and Digital Rights Management

It is important to understand the differences between an electronic document like this manual and a traditional printed book. It is accepted that traditional books can be resold or passed on to another individual. Digital media is subject to Digital Rights Management or DRM. This often restricts copying of the document and its contents. When you buy a copy of this manual you are actually buying a license to use it in a defined and agreed manner. This is to protect the rights of the contributors and to ensure that this publication is able to be a dynamic constantly evolving document. When you buy a licensed copy you are helping us achieve this goal. Unauthorised copying or sharing will limit the potential of the project.

The following copyright and fair dealing statements we believe represent reasonable terms and conditions for the use of the manual. 

Copyright Notice
This manual is a community resource with contributions from various authors and so we ask that you please respect the copyright as defined below. 

The format and layout of this document is copyright of Meerstone. The content is copyright of the identified authors. The date of this copyright is the same as the edition version unless individually stated.

Copying and reproduction outside our definition of fair dealing will require permission. Permission is unlikely to be refused provided that the user acknowledges the source. 

This manual is not intended for commercial use without specific permission. We supply the manual in a licensed format in two different formats:

A single license, for an organisation, for not for profit use only. This license is non transferable and applies only to a single copy of the manual.

A single license, for an individual, for not for profit use only. This license is non transferable and applies only to a single copy of the manual.

Both licenses include all updates for 12 months after purchase. After that time you can extend the license for a small additional fee to continue receiving updates.

Fair Dealing
As this document includes a number of pro forma record sheets that users are encouraged to use we have allowed printing of the document. We place no limit on the number of times you can print or copy the pro forma record sheets. 

This does not allow for the unrestricted printing or copying of the whole document. Your license allows you to print one full copy of any edition of the manual. Please contact us if you require more than one copy.

We do not allow the unrestricted printing or copying for profit without prior permission.