How do I get a copy of the manual? First place your order by visiting our Shop page. The manual is sent to you on a CD-ROM. 

How much will it cost? The manual costs £40 per license and you will receive free upgrades for 12 months. You can then renew your subscription on a year by year basis for a modest £10. 

Can I read the manual on a Kindle or similar eReader? No the manual is designed with A4 full colour pages to be read on a PC or laptop. It will be unsuitable for the small screens and greyscale displays of most eReaders.

Can I copy the manual and share it with my friends? If people copy and share the manual it means less income for the project and this will affect the development and enhancement of the manual. See our DRM and copyright statement

Why is the manual not free? In an ideal world a manual like this would be free. By making a charge for the first copy of the manual and then a yearly subscription we are ensuring the long term development of the manual as a resource. Any income generated from the manual is put straight back into development work and we also commit a substantial amount of our own time for free. 

Can I make a donation to the project? Yes any donations are very welcome and will help in the development of the project. Use the Make an Donation button on the sidebar. 

Can I suggest additions or corrections to the manual? Yes and we would encourage users to let us know if you want to see new sections added or have suggestions for improving current content. 

Can I make a contribution to the project? Yes, we want people to contribute. If you have a skill or knowledge area that is not currently in the manual or there is a section that you think could be expanded or improved let us know. All contributions will be credited. Our long term vision is of a resource that contains substantial contributions from users, ensuring a sense of community ownership.  

What else do you do for community archaeology projects? We can offer training on any of the modules in the manual from surveying skills to software use. We offer GIS training specifically tailored to community projects. We are currently also looking at developing an equipment hire service serving areas around our base in West Yorkshire. This would include a man and machine option i.e. hire the instrument and operator by the day. For a list of all the other services we offer for community projects see our main site,