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Version 1.5 is now available

posted 30 Nov 2012, 04:21 by Martin Roe   [ updated 4 Dec 2012, 04:46 ]
The new expanded version of the manual is now available. After some further editing this now consists of 328 pages covering a much wider range of archaeological activities.

This represent a major new phase in the development of this open content manual.

Since the last version 126 new pages have been added taking the text count up to almost 70,000 words.

Based on feedback from version 1.0 several new sections have been added. These include Post excavation which covers issues like conservation planning, documenting finds and preparing them for long term storage as well as how to develop a dated stratigraphic sequence. A new section covers Finds Illustration which naturally links in with post excavation, as does an extensive section on Photography.

Because of the addition of these new modules existing sections have been revised to make sure that they integrate with the new material and so that more cross references could be added between modules. The excavation section has had a number of new sections added to help the understanding of the post excavation process.

The introduction to CAD section now focusses on the use of DrafSight as the previously featured software no longer has a web presence.

All internet links have been checked and updated where appropriate. The whole manual has had a general tidy up to make the formatting and pagination more consistent.